Monolake MP3s

Monolake‘s music, at its best, is so subtle as to be easily missed. That’s as true of his most quiet work, often released under his real name, Robert Henke, as it is of his more propulsive techno, which is labeled Monolake. If his soundscapes often maintain a certain constant emotional state, his rhythmic work likewise has a world-weariness that stops well short of quickening your heart rate. He’s uploaded an hour-long set of this even-tempered techno, originally broadcast on Melbourne radio back in February 2005 (MP3). The best moments, such as the one about 30 minutes in, occur when he sets two of his Zen-state patterns against each other; he eschews proper beatmatching in favor of something that roils like a sea change. He’s also posted a remix commissioned by one of the world’s oldest living synth bands, Depeche Mode, “The Darkest Star” (MP3). More info at

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