Centerless Remix MP3s

While on the subject of remixes: there’s nothing with quite the free feeling as a series of remixes of something entirely unfamiliar. Listening to the wide variety of treatments of Matthew Rozeik‘s “Oh Lord Please Give Me Another Brain,” a free download of 11 tracks courtesy of (ZIP), is to be reminded throughout that you’ve likely never heard the original. So who knows, really, if the industrial bone machine that undergirds the Maps and Diagrams version is closer or further from the base set than the hazy, spoken-word-flecked edit by Richie Phoe. In fact, if you’re into it, you can stream the original at (it’s on the Cactus Island-released album Stop, Look, Wave), and it proves to be more fragile and fractured than anything here. Of the 11 revisions, you can hear substantial chunks of the original in the revision by DBMG-RAF.

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