Folk-Core MP3

The Kranky label’s releases, varied as they may be, often are rooted in a kind of rural sound that’s mediated by electronics, something that’s as true of Christopher Bissonnette’s Periphery, with its treatments of acoustic material, as it is of Greg Davis’ work, which ranges from folktronic to downright droney. Though Jessica Bailiff‘s “Lakeside Blues,” a free download of which is available as a premonition of her forthcoming Feels Like Home album (due out July 10), features a proper if truly understated and hymn-like vocal, along with a rudimentarily plucked and John Fahey-esque guitar line, it layers its background vocals with the elgance of proper slow-core, and the piece eventually blossoms into a field of electrified effects that are true to Kranky’s standards: stereoscopic, amorphous, hallucinogenic (MP3). What results suggests an Americana spin on the trip-hop ideal. More info at and

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