Memoryscape MP3s

Musician William Fowler Collins is relocating from San Francisco, California, to Albuquerque, New Mexico, and judging from some recent music, his ears were there before he himself was. Collins produced two five-minute pieces as part of the “call for soundart” at The loose theme for this project is “memoryscapes,” and Collins composed a pair of untitled dreams, both of which mix guitar into a rough audio terrain, something along the lines of what Ennio Morricone might have done had he studied contemporary music at Mills College in the early 21st century, as did Collins. “Untitled Dream #2” (MP3) has arrhythmic percussion and raspy fragments amid its undulating foment. The real keeper is “Untitled Dream #1” (MP3), in which the guitar is more pronounced even if the overall track is less present, a sour lead line hovering over the horizon. At his website,, he has generously detailed what went into each track. (Oh, and the deadline for the “memoryscapes” project is July 31.)

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