Schaeffer Tribute MP3

This is, to use a term from the world of avant-garde pranksterism, wack. Sourced from the podcast resources at Resonance FM ( is a half-hour tribute to musique concrete figure Pierre Schaeffer, one of the original cut’n’paste composers (MP3). It’s described on the Resonance site, somewhat opaquely, as the “bibliography of Pierre Schaeffer as presented in musique concrete form by Tim Pickup.” What it is is 30 minutes of someone reading in French intermittently with a wide range of audio effects and field recordings. Schaeffer, no doubt, would be proud. It’s part of Pickup’s series Adventures in Science, Pseudoscience and Nonsense.

Other excellent entries in the series (some not by Pickup but by his cohort, Barney): music from ice cream trucks (MP3), emulated video game scores (MP3) and adventures in the realm of VLF, or “very low frequencies” (MP3).

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