Dub Compilation MP3s

The home page of the estimable, dub-minded label the Agriculture (theagriculture.com) includes a little tagline that casually denotes the company’s aesthetic realm: “roof music.” The phrase suggest an urban refuge, above the fray, which is exactly what the best of the Ag’s releases, from DJ Olive to Sub Dub, have provided. A late July entry on the site mentions the availability of a free, 15-track compilation, the second in its Re:Up series, with no Sub Dub, but plenty of Olive, notably the retro insouciance of “Alley Way/Yard Swing” (MP3), and Wally (check out the fusoid indie pop of “A Stroll Down Sutter Avenue,” MP3), plus Lunchbox, Nettle, David Last and more. Info at theagriculture.com/reup.

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