Noise Continuum MP3

There’s so much of interest broadcast on Resonance FM that it’s almost absurd. Segments pop up as part of the website/radio station’s podcast, including, in mid-July, a segment of Pete Kemble‘s show, The Heard World. An entry titled “A Collection of Distorted Noises” is exactly that, with Kimball fracturing the sounds of a preacher and a dating program, among other sources (MP3). There’s also stunted comedy and much that is not so much noisy as indistinct, which when it comes to audio arguably has the same effect. It’s easy to state that spontaneous experimental radio isn’t dead, it’s just gone online. But the fact of the matter is that Resonance FM isn’t just online; it’s also broadcast in London, England. This is not what your father plays on the radio in his Oldsmobile. More info on Kemble at and on the Resonance podcast at

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