LX Rudis MP3s

Live, Lx Rudis, who’s based out of San Francisco, does many things, key among them using motion-controlled CD players to transform sound in realm time, a DJ more interested in texture than in beatmatching. He’s got three songs up for download at myspace.com/lxrudis. “Dong of the Damned” warps rising scales played on the piano, flicking them this way and that, before it veers into muffled death metal (MP3). “All Over the Landscape” maintains its slow, steady pace, a leisurely one that brings to mind early Peter Gordon (circa Innocent), with what appears to be William Burroughs (or someone doing a pretty good Burroughs impression) intoning on top (MP3). “Wanting Falling” mixes vocal and keyboard samples for an extended piece that gets more percussive as it goes along; the spoken bit, though, maintains an eerie consistency (MP3).

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