Gothic MP3s

There’s a repeating click in “Taucher,” the first of the three tracks that comprise Pawel Grabowski‘s Kissing Evil Ghosts Goodbye. It’s a Lynchian touch, suggesting the seam in a tape splice, or a skipped record, perhaps a noir-ish footstep. It is all of these things and none, a rare plosive moment in an otherwise spooky, but entirely disembodied, piece of music (MP3). There’s no way it’s a mistake, that click, and it is to Grabowski’s credit that such a seeming error can be taken unhesitatingly as a compositional motive.

“The House the Gods Die In” has just as Halloween-ready a soundtrack, plus a gothy spoken bit calling from the echoey recesses (MP3). “Kissing Evil Ghosts Goodbye” has a similar brief moment of human presence (MP3). Grabowski is credited with “voice, objects, field recordings, bass, samples.” More info at

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