Found Sound MP3s

From found radio to wobbly vinyl, the source material that comprises Lee Rosevere‘s Play 2, on the WM netlabel (, all comes across a little warped, a little nostalgic, a little maudlin, which is all to Rosevere’s credit. From the flurry of violins on “The Missing Shadow” (MP3), mixed until they collectively achieve a supple quality, to the bunker realism of the mashed up broadcast signals on “Nobody Goes to Heaven” (MP3), to the angelic tones of “Pendulum” (MP3), Rosevere manages to tweak existing sound enough to make it his own, leaving a taste of the original intact. That violin montage, “Missing Shadow,” was done on the same equipment as “Pendulum,” a sampler with a whole four seconds of memory to its credit. This background studio information comes courtesy of some useful liner notes Rosevere has posted along with the music. More info on Rosevere at

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