Frippertronic Duet MP3

The “hot tickle” free downloads posted by guitarist Robert Fripp over at don’t hang around forever. A subscription to the series’ RSS feed (RSS) is the best way to keep up to date. Among the most recent is a duet featuring Fripp, on, as ever, his heavenly, looping guitar, and Theo Travis on woodwind (flute?). The two start off matching pitches with eerie verisimilitude, but soon enough launch into something much more compelling and complex and dissonant than mere tandem tone-riding (MP3). The following note accompanies the posted MP3: “Don’t forget this isn’t necessarily the finished article but very much a work and mix in progress.” How’s this for freshness? It was recording on January 5, 2007, in Salisbury. Travis ( plays in a quartet that includes bassist Andy Hamill (4 Hero, LTJ Bukem) and he collaborated with DJ Krush back in 1997.

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