Minimalist Seance MP3s

The Other Minds organization has posted a second evening’s worth of MP3s from its December 2005 “New Music Seance,” seven tracks in all collecting mostly solo piano work, performed by Sarah Cahill and composed by Ruth Crawford Seeger, Alvin Curran, Kyle Gann and others. One highlight is a gentle, lulling piece by Terry Riley, “The Heaven Ladder, Book 7, excerpt: Simone’s Lullaby” by (MP3). For some reason the listing page at only has the streaming version, but a visit to the FTP site has the files available in various formats ( The concert was recorded on December 3 at Bernard Maybeck’s Swedenborgian Church in San Francisco. The previous night of the seance was the subject of the January 18, 2007, Disquiet Downstream (link).

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