1,000-Year Remix MP3

“Longplayer” is the name given a sound installation by Jem Finer that is seven years into its planned 1,000-year run. It has “listening posts” around the world, in London and Nottingham, England; Alexandria, Egypt; and Brisbane, Australia, with additional posts in the works. The goal is for it to have its own radio transmission frequency, but for now it’s listenable to at those locations and, when it’s functioning, the streaming channel at longplayer.org.

Fitting for these heavily mediated times, the easiest way to hear “Longplayer” is in a remix version. Douglas Benford, who records as si-cut.db, is one of many musicians working on their own renditions of the original material, which Finer has described as having been sourced primarily from “Tibetan singing bowls of various sizes, and gongs.” That ringing sound, which brings to mind the teleportation system on the Star Trek Enterprise, lends a trance-like foundation for the dubby concoction Benford has cooked up (MP3). More on Benford at douglasbenford.co.uk.

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