8-Bit MP3s

No, “8-Bit Adventures of a Bored Office Worker” is not the new movie by the guys who made Shawn of the Dead. That would be Hot Fuzz. “8-bit Adventures” is a new podcast from Resonance FM, focusing on, well, the sorta lo-fi electronica that comes from devices that had, in most cases, originally been designed for use in early video games. It’s hosted by “Jake and Andrew” and opens, welcomingly for lo-bit newcomers, with a pair of pop remixes, Paza kicking Beck‘s “Bad Cartridge” in the Asteroids and Jossintimberlake one-upping Akon‘s “Ghetto.” After that it’s all manner of jerky 8-bit madness, with enjoyable commentary by the emcees (MP3). More info at resonancefm.com.

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