Solo Frippertronic MP3s

The guitarist Robert Fripp, a pioneer in live looping, regularly posts free MP3s of his work — solo, in unique small ensembles, and with his various bands, most notably King Crimson. These files don’t remain online at his site,, forever, so be sure to snag them while they’re available. Among the recent selections, “Improv II and Solo,” recorded June 18, 1979, in Chicago, is somewhat unusual, in that it uses the accrual-based improvisatory mode he was mastering at the time to achieve something far more noisy and abrasive than he generally is associated with (MP3). The more recent “Pastorale Mendoza,” recorded in Mendoza (presumably Argentina) on June 2 of this year, shimmers where “Improv II” assaults (MP3).

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