Cepia-tone MP3

A new album’s due out shortly from Cepia, titled Natura Morta, and the releasing label, Ghostly International, has made a full track, “Opening Parade” (MP3), available as a teaser. Cepia’s had two previous appearances in the Disquiet Downstream: back in February 2006 (disquiet.com) with “Hoarse,” which helped mark glitch’s transition from vision of technological unease to cozy background of the technophilic, and back in December of the year prior with a holiday-timed take on the Charlie Brown theme (disquiet.com).

This time around, Cepia — that is, Huntley Miller of Saint Paul, Minnesota — is pursuing a more bouncy and rhythmically playful mode. “Opening Parade” has a pretty steady beat, and a cute Casio-style melody, but somewhere in between the beats start to waver off the path, as soon too does the odd note in that disarmingly simple tune.

There’s an exclusive, digital-only single (name: “Brown”) currently for sale at bleep.com, which will have the Natura Morta album available on August 14 — the meat-space edition arrives 14 days later. More info on Cepia/Miller at ghostly.com, cepiamusic.com and myspace.com/cepia.

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