Elsewhere 2.0

As the Internet expands, links pages can become less useful, but Disquiet.com nonetheless has long maintained a page of links, titled Elsewhere, related to the subject at hand. I’ve just reworked that page today so that it draws automatically from the links I archive at the highly recommended web service del.icio.us.

The Disquiet.com Elsewhere links are categorized as follows: acts (musicians, bands), blogs/webzines, discussion groups (email and web-based), event listings, galleries (with some history of focusing on sound art), record labels, museums (with some history of focusing on sound art), netlabels and record retailers. The page also lists, at the very top, the 20 most recent links I’ve added. No doubt the section will expand to include other categories in the future.

Because I’m in the process of porting the links over, the page will look a little sloppy for a little while. As always, recommendations are appreciated.

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