Bush of Disquiet Anniversary

A year ago today, I uploaded a project called Our Lives in the Bush of Disquiet. It is an homage to the then 25-year-old (and now 26-) album My Life in the Bush of Ghosts by Brian Eno and David Byrne. Bush of Disquiet consists of a dozen remixes I solicited of two tracks off that album.

In the year since the set’s release, the files have been downloaded some 5,732 times as of this writing (9:00pm Pacific Time), according to the Internet Archive (archive.org), where they’re housed — and that thrills me to no end. They’re all available for free download in various formats (192Kbps MP3, 64 Kbps MP3, Ogg Vorbis, VBR MP3) at:
Here’s the lineup, with links to the 192Kbps MP3s and to the websites of the contributing musicians:
  1. (MP3) “Help Me Help Me” — AllThatFall
  2. (MP3) “If You Make Your Bed in Heaven” — Roddy Schrock
  3. (MP3) “Leftover Secrets to Tell” — Pocka
  4. (MP3) “Secret Life Remix” — Stephane Leonard
  5. (MP3) “The Black Isle (Byrne/Eno Remix)” — (dj) morsanek
  6. (MP3) “Hit Me Somebody (Help Me Somebody Remix)” — MrBiggs
  7. (MP3) “Being and Nothingness (A Secret Life Remixed)” — john kannenberg
  8. (MP3) “Somebody Help Us” — My Fun
  9. (MP3) “Hey” — Mark Rushton
  10. (MP3) “My Bush in the Secret Life of Ghosts” — Prehab
  11. (MP3) “Not Enough Africa” — Ego Response Technician
  12. (MP3) “Helping (Help Me Somebody Remix)” — doogie
More info at disquiet.com/bushofghosts. Thanks, again, to all the contributors, including Brian Scott (of boondesign.com), who produced the beautiful “cover” (shown above) and “back cover” for the collection. The project would not have been possible without the instigation of Eno and Byrne, who posted the raw materials of the original songs at bush-of-ghosts.com/remix.

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