Deupree/Ysatis Drone-Folk MP3

Up at the 12k label is a sample track off the forthcoming album The Sleeping Morning by Savvas Ysatis and Taylor Deupree, the latter of whom runs 12k. Together, a decade ago, Ysatis and Deupree recorded under several monikers, including SETI and Futique. The new song, “Listen to the Morning Sleeping,” is a sleepy drone of an organ part, above which are intoned, in a breathy voice, occasional half-sung phrases (MP3).

The 12k label has made a name — well, a number and a letter — for itself with a range of quiet, often glitchy yet serene music, music in which the human voice is rarely if ever present. Thus for all its sedative feel, there’s something jarring, and intriguing, about the voice that is heard here. There’s enough space between the phrases that each time one ends, you might imagine that’s the last you’ll hear of it.

According to a liner note posted at the 12k website (, the album was performed live, with limited editing, and with the use of microphones to best capture the room tone. Heard throughout are fragments of guitar lines and little sparks of happenstance feedback. The music sounds grounded, even if the equipment wasn’t.

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