Plucky MP3 from Bacanal Intruder

The world has many netlabels, and yet it could use more like Yo.yo Pang ( — for Yo.Yo Pang is focused entirely on singles. No massive hit-or-miss compilations, no fodder-laden full-lengths, no mid-sized EPs. Just singles, and so far just three.

The most recent is from the ever-plucky Bacanal Intruder: “Mi Nombre Es Matthew,” at under three minutes, all pops and whirs with ebullient melodica, coy organ and an Aphex Twin-ish piano bit (MP3). Yo.yo Pang releases are also available as Ogg Vorbis files, and each comes with an original piece of “cover art”; Bacanal’s either was embroidered, or employed a nifty PhotoShop plugin. More info on Bacanal Intruder at

Previous Yo.yo entries have included the heartbeat thump and lightly percussive patter of Ursula‘s “Yo.yo Pang Song,” which eventually dissolves into industrial ambience (MP3), and the solemn piano’n’cello drones of Trisfe‘s “Un Artista del Insomnio” (MP3).

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