Quote of the Week: Throbbing Matmos

From Matmos member Drew Daniel‘s book-length study of the Throbbing Gristle album 20 Jazz Funk Greats, as excerpted on the blog/website of its publisher, 33 1/3, 33third.blogspot.com. He is describing the song “Still Walking”:

It is dominated by a drum machine pattern snarled into a textural traffic jam by Chris Carter’s Gristle-izer. The rhythm evokes a martial polka, but doubles back upon itself at odd times, suggesting dancefloor mutiny, or ischemic distress. The pronounced flanging makes the snare runs cast metallic, distorted, shadows across the beat. Reinforcing this sense of processing run amok, numerous elements in the mix are run through constant panning, modeling the titular walk as a nervous, side-to-side hopscotch across the stereo field. Inside this pattern-prison, Cosey’s guitar-through-processing and Gen’s violin-through-processing surface as the sonic main characters still walking through the halls of flanged rhythm in search of escape.
According to amazon.com, the book is due out December 15.

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