Erasing Yorke’s Remixes

This just in, via email:

Subject: fRm thm y From: [email protected] Date: 7:08 AM

please excuse this addiTion to YouR pile of email.

ThIs is not stricTly junk.

this is a quick notE to Let YoU know thAT there will be shorttlY be a bunch of rmxs of some of the songs from the ERAser album made available to download from

on the 17th of Dec a BURIAL rmx of anditrainedallNight a ModeSeleKtOR rmx of skipdivideD & a VAriouS rmx of aNaLYse

on the 18th of Dec a FoURtet rmx of AtoMS for PEace & two Christian Vogel rmxs of ‘Black sWAn’

on the 19th of Dec the SuRGEon rmx of the CLock a rmx of HarrOWdown HiLL by THE buG & a rmx of Cymbal RUsh by The FIEld

that’s it. apoloGIes for the disturbanCE. check themm out if you get amoment.

i Hope yours is a pEaceful CHRistmas.


thom yorke.

Judging by the pricing structure at boomkat, an excellent web-music retailer, these may not be inexpensive. Most single songs go for a pound, which is about two bucks. Still, that’s an excellent line-up of remixers.

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