Nondenominational Holiday Drone MP3

Another bit of holiday-themed music for free download, in this case an eight-minute “holiday drone” by the OO-Ray, aka Ted Laderas. He bills this drone (MP3) as “nondenominational,” and I think that sums it up well — it’s removed from any specific cultural references, like the sampled holiday favorites torqued in the A Candle’s Golden Glow compilation I wrote about yesterday (, but still more than heavenly enough to suggest some sort of presumed spiritual context. Laderas builds his drones from his cello, though the instrument is looped and processed thoroughly beyond recognition.

It’s quite possible that drones such as this one register as seasonally appropriate because we absorb so much holiday music in public spaces, especially shopping malls, where it is filtered through walls, space, and other sounds — a filtering process that serves as a kind of realtime remix.

In any case, while we’re at it, here are two past entries of holiday-themed ambient MP3s: Phil Kline’s Unsilent Night,; and remixes of the Peanuts Christmas music and of “Carol of the Bells,”

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