Taylor Deupree “Auld Lang Syne”-wave MP3

Just as 2007 was quickly coming to a close, Taylor Deupree posted a quiet, two-minute paean to time that was almost immediately past. He explained his process on his website, 12kblog.wordpress.com, as follows:

today, on the last day of 2007, i decided to spend no more than one hour creating a short piece of music, as a final farewell to the year. the piece, “untitled_1231″ was created with a small wooden xylophone, given to me as a christmas present from Keiichi Sugimoto (Fourcolor) and Sanae Yamasaki (Moskitoo), a small tone bell, and a single synthesizer patch. it was created and recorded live in about 15 minutes and i spent another 40 minutes or so on the mixing and production. it was a spontaneous piece, a simple thought, dedicated to a close friend of mine whose very difficult 2007 will be a very positive 2008”¦
The ticking clock and other creative constraints yielded a tender gesture of a recording: a slight sound, not unlike the simplest of glass-harmonica maneuvers, milked for all its exquisite detail (MP3).

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