Polish Drill’n’Dubstep Mix MP3

The peaceoff.c8.com website, a music retailer, last year posted its first free download, a mixtape of breakbeat, beatcore, drill’n’bass, dubstep, call-it-what-you-will contemporary hard electronic music, all sewn together by DJ Trippmatic, who’s from Poland. The set, colorfully titled Break Beathoven Got Heroin, is an hour-plus mix of music that was a mix to begin with, highlights including the broken metal of Aaron Spectre‘s “Alien vs. Rodigan” and the timely dub of Krumble‘s “Usual Terror.” There’s also Spectre’s take on a Math Head track, “Bonafidekilla.”

The complete lineup is as follows:

1.  Aaron Spectre -- "Alien vs. Rodigan"
2.  Math Head -- "Bonafidekilla (Aaron Spectre Mix)"
3.  Krumble -- "Gazoline Serious Blast"
4.  Rotator -- "Get So ExXxcited"
5.  Electric Kettle -- "Dogmind Ball"
6.  Krumble -- "Usual Terror"
7.  Dr. Bastardo -- "Punished"
8.  Dr. Bastardo -- "Cease and Desist"
9.  Dr. Bastardo -- "Rungleclaart"
10. Dr. Bastardo -- "Murderation Warrior Sound"
11. Repeater -- "Collision Repair Specialist"
12. Venetian Snares -- "Hand Throw"
13. Cardopusher -- "In the Power of XTC"
14. Maladroit -- "Beware of the D.E.R.O.s"
15. Ronin -- "Pissing on the Gates of Hell"
16. Maladroit -- "Thieves (Remix)"
17. Kos + Raw & Uncut -- "Babilon Life"
What’s particularly bracing about the mix is hearing so much music once considered an onslaught in its own right — the mechanized punch of industrial music, the apocalyptic riffs of heavy metal, the elastic rhythms of jungle, the fluorescent theatrics of house, along with some borrowed pop hits, which were already abrasive in their own treacly way — ripped into little pieces and put back together on computers and turntables, yielding something all the more visceral and powerful. Download the full set, including a cover image (ZIP), and get more info at peaceoff.c8.com. More info on Trippmatic at myspace.com/trippmaticsk.

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