MP3 of “Wordless Music” from Cepia

A live half-hour Cepia set recorded at the Wordless Music Series in Manhattan back on November 28, 2007, is true to its name — not the “wordless” part, because in fact voices are heard low down in the mix, but the Cepia part. The track is deeply imbued with a sense of nostalgia, from the water-logged amusement-park melody with which it opens, to the funereal goth-pop through which it proceeds. Even as the performance builds a rhythm and, slowly, begins to speed up, it has a maudlin quality — a touch of echo, a feedback-enhanced drum beat, a minor-key melody — that connects the decaying audio with a concern for memory and reflection. (Speaking of reflection, those sublimated voices are, most likely, emanating from the audience.)

More on Cepia, aka Minneapolis-based Huntley Miller, at, and on the Wordless Music Series at

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