Homemade Japanese Instrument MP3

There aren’t just second and third lives on the Internet, but countless ones, because links are rediscovered anew by successions of web-surfers — and one new link yields a new search result which yields new readership. The “self-made instruments” page at the website of Adachi Tomomi hasn’t been updated since June 2005, but a weekend post at livepa.blogspot.com was picked up by the-palm-sound.blogspot.com, which is recommended reading for its constant feed of information on mobile music-making. One highlight on Adachi’s website is a set of images and sound related to a device he created and called the Tomoring: “It has many springs, metal wire, strings and so on. It is to hit, scrub by fingers, small sticks, brushes and electric fun. The sound is amplified by 4 piezo pickups attached on the acrylic plastic body” (MP3). The resulting music sounds like a kalimba plucked by an extroverted octopus. More at adachitomomi.com.

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