Doom-tastic MP3s from Portugal’s Cancro

Over at the MiMi netlabel (, Cancro is giving desolation a good name. The six tracks on his new self-titled, freely downloadable release are, in a word, doom-tastic. From the static-to-roar of the opening cut, “A sala das máquinas” (MP3), to the military-recon soundtrack that is the closing piece, “Um dia destes dou um tiro” (MP3), Cancro traffics in more turbulence than your average airline pilot. On his profile page at the netlabel website, Cancro lists his equipment as follows:

Personal Computer FM, AM waves Guitar Voice Daylife sounds
It’s to his credit that none of those individual elements are self-evident in his deeply processed work. Dark echoes keep the material from getting too claustrophobic, though it is undeniably haunting. Check out “Composição n3” (MP3), which announces itself with a sudden thud and then proceeds like the effort of distant machines as heard from a windowless room. More details at, and on the artist (born Tiago Jerónimo, based in Coimbra, Portugal) at

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