Matmos Teaser MP3

The dynamic field-recording duo Matmos have turned the tables on themselves. For the forthcoming Supreme Balloon (Matador), they’ve forsaken their sampling of unexpected source materials (rats, liposuction, Björk) in favor of synthesizers. As a teaser, they’ve released one song for free download. It’s a chipper bit of what’s generally thought of as willfully dated Casio pop — Casio in the manner than every photocopy machine is a Xerox and every portable tape player was a Walkman — and probably counts as the most high-profile bit yet of chiptune music, or music approximating the feel of an old video game (MP3).

Guests on Supreme Balloon include Marshall Allen (Sun Ra Arkestra), Jon Leidecker (aka Wobbly), Jay Lesser, Keith Fullerton Whitman, Matthew Curry (aka Safety Scissors), and Sarah Cahill. The cover is a Yellow Submarine-ish watercolor by Robert Wyatt (pictured here). It’s due out May 9. More info at and

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