tangents / Video Streams (Shocklee, Monolake, machinima …)

A selection of recent freely viewable videos of note:

Spoken Word: Public Enemy producer Hank Shocklee interviewed (vimeo.com, via createdigitalmusic.com). … Minimal techno figure Robert Henke (aka Monolake) presentation (video.google.com, via createdigitalmusic.com). … Laptop-enabled guitarist Christopher Willits lecture on his process (xlr8r.com). … Soundtrack composer Tyler Bates on the film Doomsday (soundtrack.net). … Alex Ross, author of The Rest Is Noise, speaks at Google (youtube.com).

Ware Demos: Footage of the Nintendo DS port of the Korg synthesizer (youtube.com). … A scratch emulator for the DS (youtube.com); more info at gorgull.googlepages.com. … Video of the scratch software, mixed through a Kaoss pad (youtube.com). … The sound-toy application ranDRUM, for the Palm (the-palm-sound.blogspot.com). … Another neat Palm software application (youtube.com). … And via therestisnoise.com, a software demonstration of Direct Note Access, which “allows you to enter into a recorded track, separate out notes within chords, and change them at will” (sonicstate.com). … David Merrill‘s “The Sound of Touch” is “a new instrument for real-time capture and sensitive physical stimulation of sound samples using digital convolution” (youtube.com, via substation.co.nz).

Caught Live: Now this is what the word “mixtape” should be reserved for; DJ Ramsey rocks the cassette decks (highflight.tumblr.com). … A performance by the Lalala Human Steps dance ensemble to music by Kevin Shields (youtube.com, via Ted Laderas‘s 15people.net). … DJ Krush, Tatata Moto, and Quarta303 in concert (neongrad.blogspot.com).

Short Stuff: A rhythmic mix in which the percussion is all gunfire from the video game Call of Duty 4 (youtube.com, via highflight.tumblr.com). It’s a machinima music video. … A cute little score built entirely from Apple system sounds (youtube.com — thanks, Rob, robwalker.net). … Leave some scientists alone at the Antarctic with a video camera, and they whip up some pop musique concrete (youtube.com, via createdigitalmusic.com). … Footage of an exhibit by Tristan Louth-Robins from the Coriole Winery in McLaren Vale, Australia (stillandmovinglines.blogspot.com). … I’m pretty sure this video — zenithland.com — by Paris Mancini, featuring a performance by Nina Petrochko, was featured in the Root Division exhibit, Sound Device, I wrote about last week (disquiet.com).

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