Brutal New Drumcorps Mix MP3

New Drumcorps mix up, all digitally mutated metal riffs turned into dessicated dance music. It’s featured in the “New Music Download” podcast series from UK Channel 4 radio in Britain, hosted by Tom Ravenscroft (MP3). (It’s the episode from late March.) And if you want to skip the other material in the file, Aaron Spectre (that’s the pseudonym you get when you scratch the Drumcorps pseudonym) is currently streaming his contribution from the homepage of his website,

One of the Channel 4 mix’s four constituent elements will be familiar to Drumcorps fans, as it’s the title track off his Grist album (Ad Noiseam/Cock Rock Disco). The reward is a trio of previously unavailable tracks: “Tooth Grinder,” attributed to Animosity vs. Drumcorps, and due for release from ManAlive; “Violent Coast,” with no commercial release planned; and a remix of Genghis Tron‘s “Relief,” also forthcoming.

“Grist” is as bracing as it was on first listen — hardcore death metal tropes like volcanic throat-singing and stop’n’start double bass drums given a new, mechanized sheen that emphasizes the music’s automatic impulses. As for the new stuff, “Tooth Grinder” is an equal partner to “Grist,” while “Violent Coast” is almost pop-grunge in its melodic, largely trad format — ditto “Relief,” which is more anthemic and arena-bound, evidence that Drumcorps is as at ease with rock-epic as he is with punk-decrepit.

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