Multi-Locale Soundscape M4A by Novi_sad

Forget the proverbial best of both worlds — courtesy of the latest free download from Touch Radio, the spinoff of the eminent Touch label, you can have a 22-minute artificial soundscape comprised of elements from at least four audio worlds: Mamori Lake, Amazonia, Brazil; Alphios Bridge, Ancient Olympia, Greece; “Vibrations from the bridge which connects Denmark with Sweden; and “A bottling plant in operation.” As well as hydrophone recordings from that same Mamori Lake and, for good balance, “sounds and notes from a church organ.”

Recorded by Novi_sad (aka Athens, Greece-based musician Thanasis Kaproulias), the track is titled “Dramazon.” Compressed at a generous 259kbps, it is far less than the sum of its constituent parts, and that’s very much to Kaproulias’s credit. Thanks to his attentive digital editing, the various source material has been reduced to a gently rolling fog of field recordings.

For unclear reasons, the file is available as an M4A rather than an MP3, even though the MP3 was listed as an option in the site’s RSS feed. Also confusing, on the label website, (from which the above image, presumably shot at one of the recording locations, was borrowed), the file seems to be available only for streaming. In any case, additional details at the artist’s website,

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