Nine Industrial Drone MP3s from Quiet Covenant

Nine extended industrial drones comprise the album Underneath, credited to Quiet Covenant and made available for free download courtesy of the estimable netlabel Dark Winter. Each track is a decaying sine wave, a dreary call signal, a wavering thing that seems well on its way toward dying.

The sound is mournful, sorrowful, not dark so much as dim. None of the individual tracks have anything to distinguish them, which is sort of the point; these are generic noises, the sort of things we ignore, the sort of sounds through which we hear the world. Here, undisturbed by the world, the sounds are still distant, out of reach, ambiguous to the point of transparency.

However, as a group they work as a fascinating, even enticing, study in minute contrasts — like how relative silences interrupt the otherwise resolute, if wan, “Within” (MP3), and how the standard spectrum of white noise thickens noticeably for “Upon” (MP3). More info at

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