Type Records Podcast Mix MP3

The Type label supplements its regular releases with a series of podcasts. That’s not unusual for a record label. What distinguishes Type’s series, as exemplified by a new mix by Aeioux (aka one of Type’s two founders, Stefan Lewandowski), is how a typical podcast may mix upcoming music from the label amid other recordings, like semi-random clips from the Smithsonian Folkways archive (here there’s a vocal experiment from Aldred Wolfsohn and office-setting field recordings), not to mention acclaimed individual electronic tracks, such as excerpts from Stars of the Lid and Tim Hecker (MP3). Filtered amid those and additional borrowed material are teases for Peter Broderick‘s upcoming Something Has Changed, a noisy contraption of found sound and rough processing (which follows a bit of Allen Ginsberg‘s spectral poetry), and Helios‘s A Rising Wind, a contrasting slice of downtempo electropop. More at typerecords.com.

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