Loren Chasse and Jason Honea MP3

The one free sample track off Music Heard Far Off by the Child Readers plays like a mixtape set on random. It opens with piercing, lo-fi accompaniment paired with a nu-folk vocal that’s buried in the mix (the album’s title couldn’t be more factually accurate), only to fade into a droney wisp of a sea shanty, replete with field recordings and bell-like scintillate. Then come deeply echoed elements of pop, and then a murky dub. The deeper the song, titled “Fortune (Incl. The Morningnight/A Hated Art),” gets into its three and a half minutes, the quicker the segments fly by, yet the slower the seeming overall pace (MP3). That incongruity is but one of the track’s mysteries. The Readers are Loren Chasse and Jason Honea. More details at softabuse.com.

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