Live Greg Davis Drone MP3

The pastorally minded electronic musician Greg Davis played a show at the Knitting Factory in Manhattan back on April 30, and within days, on May 5, he’d posted news of a publicly available MP3 of the set. The recording opens with him welcoming the audience — “Feel free to get comfortable again, and sit on the floor, and, uh, you know, clear your mind, become one with the sound, all that” — and then venturing into a thick warble of a tone, one that changes ever so slowly over the course of its nearly half-hour life (MP3). The tone seems to expand in subtle increments, losing its density while it fills the room (or the space between your headphones) and edges into the higher regions of the audio spectrum. As it slowly fade, don’t fear — the live recording ends with no sudden shock of applause that might rattle your eardrums.

The performance was recorded during a tour of the East Coast with the trio Megafaun ( Davis, on his website (, recounts how he “got into some deep synth drones in some different spaces.”

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