Juju Mega-Remix MP3 (Oh No vs. Plunky Branch)

Indie hip-hop figure Oh No has provided an album-length podcast for the Stones Throw label (stonesthrow.com/jukebox), in which he mixes up various afro-jazz tracks from the group Oneness of Juju, led by prolific saxophonist Plunky Branch. It’s a rough mix, with occasional gaps between tracks, and noticeable delay in some of the beatmatching, but Dr. No knows well that the rhythmic intensity of juju that characterizes Branch’s music — the shuffle beats, the way single melodic elements sit aloft above the mechanistic patterns, the subtle shifts in texture — lends itself well to DJ techniques (MP3). More on Branch at plunkyone.com and on Oh No at both stonesthrow.com/ohno and myspace.com/ohnodisrupt.

For future reference, should the podcast listing disappear from the Stones Throw site, here is the track listing provided: 1. “3B,” 2. “Carving,” 3. “Wawa,” 4. “Carving Again,” 5. “A Call to Arms,” 6. “Time Iz Now,” 7. “Twoness of Juju,” 8. “Ooo Ow,” 9. “Keys,” 10. “Following,” 11. “Funk U Very Much,” 12. “Harmony,” 13. “Something in the Air,” 14. “Morning Alarm,” 15. “Santesana,” 16. “Get Up,” 17. “Wap,” 18. “Juju March,” 19. “Funkier than Wood,” 20. “All Ahhs on Me,” 21. “Giiiiive,” 22. “African Chant,” 23. “Onnon,” 24. “River Rhythm,” 25. “Bogged Down.”

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