Tenori-Off MP3s

The website tenori-off.com is described by its proprietor, Dino Ignacio, as a document of “his attempt at learning to play music. Though the title suggests that the blog will be exclusively about the Yamaha Tenori-On, it will probably also focus on other instruments like Theremins and Keyboards.” The Tenori-On, pictured at left, is the celebrated instrument/toy designed by Japanese media artist Toshio Iwai. The site’s MP3 page currently lists four entries for June 2008. “Jet Slug” is a sweet exercise in light post-rock, a minimalist tune with the feel of a quiet Tortoise piece (MP3). “The Great Owl” is more along the lines of 1980s pop, with hard-coded beats and gothy keys (MP3). “Rebootron” is a kind of hybrid of the previous two, with the pulsing pop of “Great Owl” but the chamber feel of “Slug” (MP3). And “e11even” is a subdued bit of synth melodicism (MP3). More on Ignacio at dinoignacio.com.

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