New Trio of Tech-Metal MP3s from Drumpcorps

The whole new-retail mode of “download for free, buy the snazzy version at a premium” isn’t restricted to the established likes of Nine Inch Nails and Radiohead. Drumpcorps (aka Aaron Spectre), long a Disquiet Downstream favorite for his having located the exact sonic space where chaotically implemented digital noise is indistinguishable from the whiplash riffage of metal bands like Slayer, has now used the same Web 2.0 nu-capitalist system for his new 10″, Altered Beast.

The downloadable ZIP file (ZIP) collects all three tracks off the 10″, each a technologically enabled dissection and reanimation of death metal by the San Francisco-based band Animosity. (All three tracks originally appeared on the Animosity album Animal.) Meanwhile, the 10″ itself is an almost garishly beautiful object, a multi-colored picture disc that comes in such themes as “Cupcake Oil Spill” and “Cheese Streak.”

The beauty isn’t reserved for folks who fork up for the physical release; the free ZIP file includes a nine-page PDF of photos of the 10″. As for the music, each of the three tracks takes an Animosity recording and whips up the frenzy, inserting stop’n’start instances, warping noise into the ether, and emphasizing the pummel. One of the three tracks was previously included in the Downstream (, back on April 3, when it appeared as part of a mix on UK Channel 4 radio.

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PS: There’s another direct link to the MP3s and FLAC versions of the three Altered Beast tracks at

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