MP3s of Jessica Rylan’s Little Blue Boy

Musician Jessica Rylan‘s enterprise Flower Electronics makes small-brew noisemakers, including the Little Blue Boy, pictured below.

The Little Blue Boy contains a handcrafted assortment of electronics, including two voltage-controlled oscillators, which get a work out on several sample MP3s located at the company’s website, A “testdrive” (MP3) by Tara Rogers (aka Analog Tara, is all rapidly pinging waves, while “lbb1” (MP3) by Cody Ranaldo (, son of Sonic Youth guitarist Lee Ranaldo) is a thorough noisefest. And Dwight Anderson‘s “Small High” (MP3), which appears to be processing guitar noise, rambles through string scrapes, drowsy doppler shenanigans, and a wealth of colorful feedback. More on Rylan at her website.

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