3 Solo Bass Exploration MP3s by Christian Weber

Released earlier this year on the Cut label (cut.fm), Christian Weber‘s Walcheturm Solo displays the bassist’s skills at using the inherent sonic properties of a given room as a partner in his performance. Six minutes of excerpts from the album are available from the label’s website (MP3, MP3, MP3). In each, Weber mixes the textures and techniques of European free improvisation (think scratching and plucking) along a more sonorous and almost song-paced progression than those techniques might suggest. Throughout he’s abetted by the echoing properties of the hall. The album was recorded by Jason Kahn on September 13, 2007, in the Zürich, Switzerland-located art space Walcheturm. I believe that’s that’s the same Kahn who was the subject of a Disquiet Downstream back in November 2005 (disquiet.com). More info on Weber at his website, christianweber.org.

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