Anton’s Tinkling MP3s

The Piop EP credited to Anton on the netlabel is comprised of the sort of nursery-rhyme electronic pop melodies that bring to mind the less aggressive work by Aphex Twin. Of the set’s seven tracks, especially promising are the second (“Sinetune I,” MP3), its lead tune plucked out as if on a cellphone keypad, each note rendered in a slightly sour envelope, and the fourth (“Betchgard Morning,” MP3), which is enlivened by twinkling little trinkets that seem almost random in their patternlessness. Get the full set at

Bumpfoot’s two syllables apparently distinguish its two sonic realms. According to the site’s “about” page, “bump” is for “Techno, House,” and “foot” is for “Ambient, IDM, Electro Pops, etc.” By those guidelines, Anton’s Piop fits squarely in the “foot” category.

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