40-Year-Old Trevor Wishart Archival MP3

The British label Paradigm has re-released Machine, Trevor Wishart‘s almost 40-year-old mix of automation and spoken texts. The label’s website, stalk.net/paradigm, has posted a three-minute excerpt of one of the album’s five pieces, in which the ratatatat of gears and the ringing of bells mix with vocals clips and a torrent of water. It’s a collage wonder (MP3), one in which the (then) newness of the technical operations inherent in the sound editing is self-evident in the free-flowing, stream-of-consciousness nature of the goings-on. Wishart locates an eerie parallel between the routine of mechanization and the monotony of human speech, placing the recording on a continuum between, say, Charlie Chaplin and Pink Floyd. More on Wishart (born 1946) at his website, trevorwishart.co.uk.

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