Static-on-Speed MP3 from Hourglass Drops

It’s rare for static buzzing to get as downright rollicking as “Adrenaline State,” a recent single by Hourglass Drops (aka N. Pavlov) on the netlabel. The track has all the hallmarks of white-noise music-making: the between-channels fuzziness, the hints of radio-interference chatter, and that crackling pre-digital warmth that practically smells of frayed wiring. But it’s also got momentum. None of that call-signal Zen for Hourglass Drops; this is static on speed, a static composed of whirring cycles of sound that carry you along with them (MP3). It’s balanced by the more sedate and vaguely tuneful “Sleep State,” which has an almost digeridoo-like quality (MP3). More on the musician at

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