Quote of the Week: Matmos, Post-Experimentation

From an excellent interview, dated October 1, by Molly Sheridan with the duo Matmos, aka M.C. Schmidt and Drew Daniel:

MCS: What we do is not experimental music in the sense of a lot of people’s work where it’s, “We did the experiment; these are the results.” We want to make something that’s listenable music.

DD: And to us that’s pop music. Pop music and noise texture might be the formula for what we’re doing, in that we don’t have any squeamishness about atonality and obnoxious, disgusting, or unpleasant texture, but we have the kind of ears that like bass lines and snare parts and high hat rhythms and the sort of architecture of pop. I want both.

Read the full piece at newmusicbox.org.

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