Pseudónimo’s Sour-Syrupy Pop MP3s

The little snippet of clicky static that opens “A Rosy Wisp of Cloud” (MP3), the middle track on the EP Terra Firme by Pseudónimo, may or may not be an actual needle hitting actual vinyl. There’s a bounce to it that suggests as much — it has that familiar feel of a sharp object finding its groove — but the collection overall is such a feat of succulent artificiality, one finds it preferable to imagine that the little buzzy clack at the start is no more a real, physical needle than the percussion that comes later on was played with actual drums — especially after the sad-robot vocoder vocal kicks in.

This is a collection of sour-syrupy melodies played a note at a time above cereal-box-trinket beats. The loungey melody that plinks through “Estória dos Dias Curtos” (MP3) could be the score to a dating-sim video game — certainly a more likely situation than it being played at a meatspace club where human beings interact — and that’s very much to its credit. Get the full set at the releasing netlabel,

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