Japanese Noise-Packed MP3s

The elegantly named record label Cock Rock Disco, home to such noisy mixmasters as Duran Duran Duran, DJ Donna Summer, and Disquiet.com favorite Drumcorps (aka Aaron Spectre), is both a commercial label and a netlabel. Its 11th and most recent free release is an intense bit of 8bit-flavored, pop-toned, mashed-up, data-packed, whimsical aggression from Tokyo-based act CDR. The album, CDR on CRD, contains 14 tracks that sound like they were sped up to aid in compression — a mix of amped up, jocular techno with found elements such as metal guitar riffs, pop melodies, and recorded dialog, not to mention a raucous sense of humor.

For example, there’s pixie-voiced “MIKUMIKU (ran ran ru mix),” in which a digital angel squeaks her lines above rampaging automated percussion, and “DANCE fuckin RAJA fuckin DANCE,” in which Bollywood-style touches make themselves heard amid the flurry of rhythmic data. CDR isn’t incapable of reflection, though he’ll still muck it up; on a track titled “shit ambient,” after a minute of soothing if canned vocal’n’synth calm he drops in pummeling, off-kilter beats that’ll have your earbuds standing on end.

The full release is available as a single archived file (ZIP), including a little movie and cover art, with additional info available at the label’s website (cockrockdisco.com). More on CDR at myspace.com/cdr and asahi-net.or.jp/~zr3a-tnmt.

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