Dubby Fisk Industries MP3 EP

The musician behind the dubby electronica of Fisk Industries (aka Mat Ranson) is apparently taking a year off to tour the world, and while we don’t get the proverbial T-shirt, we do get a three-track send-off, courtesy of the web-releases section of the Highpoint Lowlife label. Each song presents a dank, reverb-friendly take on digital dub, from the static-laced, wobbly grooves of “Shadow” (MP3) to the more atmospheric, minimal-techno feel of “Bubblewrap” (MP3), to the estimably downtempo skank of “Cyber” (MP3), the set’s true keeper, thanks to its acoustic touches and understated pace. Get the full set at highpointlowlife.com. More details at Fisk’s website, fisk-industries.co.uk.

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