MP3s of Mexico City Emissions

While You Sleep, by Mexico City-based Juanjosé Rivas, opens with an immediately compelling track, “Nocturnal Emissions,” in which fragments of human voice phase in and out, like a near-dead fluorescent light bulb flickering overhead (MP3). It’s a solid introduction to a collection of pieces that each make music out of interference and noise, static and dissolution, repetition and randomness. For example, the first half of “Benzodiazepines” is an exploration of slowly mutating white noise, a cicada-cycle reverie of fuzz that suddenly turns into the bouncy, aural equivalent of a Slinky (MP3). And the dog-unfriendly, super-high pitch on “After Awakening” is more like some oversized piggy bank set atop a pneumatic drill, those jangly vibrations shaking in a manner that’s absolutely mesmerizing (MP3). Get the full set at the releasing netlabel,

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