Drone MP3 (From Foley Filesharing Forum)

It’s a good sign that an emporium of sound files is not just business as usual when (1) the goods are free and (2) among the standard categories (“Animals,” “Nature,” “Industry and Machines”) are such sets as “Unreal Ambiances” and “Sound Art.” Welcome to soundsnap.com.

The categories on the sound-file trading post get more promising the deeper you dig. “Unreal Ambiances,” for example, is subdivided into “Alien Atmospheres,” “Drones,” “Horror,” “Musical Atmospheres,” “Other Ambiances,” and “Rumbles.” Individual tracks are themselves tagged for more precise classification, so a given drone, such as “Drone Landscape 6 JO,” uploaded by Soundsnap participant Jon Oh, is listed as “drone, ethereal, metallic,” a pretty good summary of its hovering, ghostly quality (MP3).

Aspiring filmmakers can think of Soundsnap as a one-stop foley-filesharing forum, but it’s more than that — it’s a community of sound enthusiasts. (Found via lifehacker.com.)

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